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Make your practice successful

Pilates is a method that can bring you countless benefits, both physical and mental. But, to achieve your fitness goals, you need to ensure your workouts aren’t just effective.

The right equipment, the right mindset, and the right movements: every element makes your pilates practice successful.

These tips by Paola Pilates will support you through your exercises, from beginning to the end.

  • Comfort comes first. If your knees hurt, pile two yoga mats, make sure you have enough room to move consciously and that your clothes don’t interfere in your pilates workouts. 

  • Prepare yourself with a yoga mat, a pilates miniball, and any other equipment you might like such as loop bands and a pillow. 

  • When you are preparing for your home workout, make sure there aren’t obstacles in the way, distractions and that you can easily see your device from the mat. Find a quiet spot, a place that is only for you, your own pilates safe bubble. 

  • Begin with the “Start from Here” videos, designed to learn the basics and fundamentals of the signature pilates method created by Paola Pilates.

    And, no matter where you are in your fitness journey, choose the class that feels good at the moment. 

  • Be patient. Pilates is a path, not a run. Take some time to correct your posture and remember that muscles need time to strengthen and lengthen. The benefits of pilates go beyond the physical ones. You will feel more flexible, stronger, even mentally. Plus, your balance and mobility will improve. Just give it time. 

  • Feeling sick or unwell? Take a day off, no one will judge you. Your health comes always first and pilates will be there to help you recover. 

  • Hydrate and hydrate again, before and after your practice. Liquids are part of your entire wellbeing.


  • How often should you workout? At least two or three times per week, plus two stretching workouts. You can also repeat the same exercises to strengthen your muscles, posture, and alignment. Paola also suggests combining pilates with other types of exercises so you can stimulate your body in different ways. All thanks to the trust and strength you achieve thanks to pilates. 

Once you follow these easy tips, you will ensure that your pilates practice will be successful.

Move consciously, move slowly, feel better.

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