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Paola Pilates, mindful movement from the heart

Directly from the beautiful shores of Italy, Paola Pilates is a professional who has studied subjects such as human anatomy, posturology, and biomechanics of human movement. Thanks to her degree in Physical Activity and Sports Science, Paola has acquired a deep knowledge of the human body, of its muscles, joints, and needs. Even during and after pregnancy. In fact, Paola has also focused on prenatal Pilates and a safe postpartum workout plan to accompany women through this life-changing journey.

Thanks to her knowledge and experience, Paola has developed her signature method. It’s all about three words:

Strength, Presence and Comfort.

These are the benefits of Pilates workouts, which allow you to create a deep understanding of every part of your body. You will strengthen, lengthen, and tone your muscles while being gentle on the joints and your pressure points. Thanks to this practice based on conscious movement, you will become stronger and more flexible with a balanced posture.

Together, we can reach a deep mind-body connection.

Together, exercise becomes effortless. 

As Paola says, “every person I work with leaves me with something new and it gives me the chance to improve while improving someone else.” 

Off the mat, Paola is the proud mother of an adopted dog named Coconut and she lives consciously, practicing yoga, meditation, and self-awareness. She practices what she teaches, always with Coconut on her side. Sometimes, even on her mat. Believe it when you see it? Take a sneak peak into Paola’s life through Instagram